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Cost of living support

On each of the pages within this hub you will find key information and links to help to support you or your business during the cost of living issues.

Other sources of information and support on the Cost of Living:

Cost of living factsheet

Information and advice from the government: 

    • Energy bills support scheme information
    • Cost of Living payment for people on means tested benefits
    • Pensioner Cost of Living payment
    • Disability Cost of Living payment
    • Household support fund

Help for households

The government has set up a website offering help for households, giving details of what you could be eligible for:

    • Income support
    • Energy bills
    • Childcare costs
    • Household costs
    • Transport costs
    • Finding work
    • Discounts and offers

Cost of Living Directory

PDF Directory on: 

AVA Cost Of Living Directory 16Th November 2022 [PDF 1Mb]

Directory on:

    • Money & Finance
    • Mental Health
    • Children & Families
    • Food & Clothing
    • Energy & Fuel
    • Housing
    • Domestic Abuse