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Report litter

We have a duty to clear litter and waste, as far as possible, from public land and places for which we are responsible. You can report litter we haven't yet collected to us using the online form. 

Areas we are responsible for mainly include: 

  • public highway (verges, pavements and to some degree the road itself)
  • council owned car-parks
  • play areas
  • pedestrian areas
  • parks and open spaces.

Once reported we will visit the scene to see how much rubbish there is and if it is our responsibility. If so, we will remove it. 

Report litter

Other types of litter and street cleaning

If the litter includes needles or other medical waste you can report it us using the needles and syringes online form, or if the road needs sweeping you can request this online.

If you have spotted fly-tipping in Ashfield report this to us with as much detail as possible. 

Other ways to report litter

If you cannot report the litter or waste using the online form you can contact us by: