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Find my polling station

The polling station is the place you go on polling day to cast your vote. 

Find your polling station

Polling station information will be available around 2 weeks before an election takes place. Your poll card will tell you which polling station you should go to but you don't need the card with you to cast your vote. 

You can find your polling station on the Where do I vote website or find your polling station information by postcode search on the Electoral Commission website. 

Ashfield District Council - 4 May 2023

You can also find the location of the polling station for the Ward area you live in, in these notice documents: 

Visiting a polling station

Visiting a polling station can sometimes be daunting, especially if it is the first time you are voting.

The staff in the polling station are there to help, so if you have any queries, or are uncertain about anything, just ask. 

When inside the polling station you should: 

  • get your ballot paper by giving your details to the poll clerk. You might be given more than one paper if there are different types of election happening on the same day
  • take your paper into an empty ballot booth
  • read the instructions carefully. Different elections use different methods so it's important you know what you are being asked to do - papers filled in wrongly or spoilt won't be counted
  • complete the ballot with your choice. There is a pencil in the booth but you can use your own pen if you like
  • don't put anything else on the paper - if you make a mistake ask the clerk for a new paper before putting the spoilt one in the ballot box
  • put your completed paper in the ballot box. 

You should not take photos inside the polling station but you can take them outside and share on social media to encourage others to vote.