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We have 16 allotments sites across Ashfield in Hucknall, Sutton in Ashfield, and Kirkby in Ashfield. There is also a community-run allotment site in Kirkby. 

If you live in Ashfield you can apply for one or more of our allotments. There is currently a waiting list as all plots are taken. 

Allotments are a great way of growing low cost food, getting exercise and being social. A green space within our towns they also offer a way for skills to be shared and passed on. 

Allotments in Ashfield

We have allotments in:


Each of our allotment plots are around 250 square metres. Rent is paid yearly, in advance, by 1 April each year. 

  • plots with water supply £20.62 per 100 square metres per year
  • plots without water supply £14.89 per 100 square metres per year. 

How allotments can be used

There are some rules for what you can and can’t do with your allotment. These are listed in the tenancy agreement and may be different from site to site. 

Generally, allotments are to be used for the growing of fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Most allotments do not allow you to keep pigs, pigeons or other livestock other than a small number of chickens. 

You are not able to sub-let your allotment to another person and you are expected to keep your plot in good order, keeping to all rules set out in the agreement. 

Apply for an allotment

All our allotments are currently in use but you can join the waiting list. It can take a long time for allotments to become available. To join the waiting list contact us by: 

You can also contact us in these ways if you have a complaint about how an allotment is being used. If you have seen a crime in progress or there is a fire at an allotment call 999 for the police or fire service. 

No longer need your allotment?

If you have an allotment but no longer need it you can write to us to let us know. You must give 6 months notice, or 1 month if you want to give up your allotment following us letting you know about a rent increase. 

Our address is: 

Ashfield District Council
Urban Road
NG17 8DA.