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Street collections

A street collection takes place on a street or in a public place and is the collection for charity. 

A public place may be a street, a shopping centre, a car park or doorway - anywhere the public has access to. The collection may be money or items which will be sold to raise money for a charity. 

You will also need a street collection permit if you want to sell goods or magazines in a public place for charity. If you want to sell items on the street as part of a business (not to raise money for charity) you need a street trading licence. 

Street permits cover a short period of time. This is usually 1-2 days. If you are applying for a licence to collect on a Saturday this will be for the morning or afternoon only. Let us know which you prefer in your application. 

You should apply to us at least 28 days before the collection is to take place but can go ahead as if the permit has been granted. This means tacit consent applies to street collection permits. 

You cannot use an animal as part of the street collection - let us know if you need to have a guide dog with you during the collection. 

Apply for a street collection permit

You can apply for a street collection permit through the Gov.UK website. In your application you will need to tell us the date, time and location for your collection.

You will also need to attach any permission letters from the landowner and a letter of approval from the charity you want to carry out the collection for.  

You cannot claim expenses for travelling to the place of collection in your application. 

Apply for a street collection permit

You can upload your application through the Gov.UK website or send it to: 

Licensing Team
Ashfield District Council
Council Offices
Urban Road
NG17 8DA.

Notify us of the results of the collection

Within 1 month of completing the collection you are asked to tell us how much you collected. 

The notification you send should be signed by an accountant and you will have to list the names of the people who collected for you and how much was collected. We will also ask how much of the collection you claimed as expenses and how much went to the charity. 

You can notify us of the results of the collection on the Gov.UK website. 

Notify us of collection results

Other ways to contact us about the permit

If you have questions about the permit or applying you can contact us by: