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Call for sites (SHELAA)

We have started work on a new Local Plan which will be used to guide future development in Ashfield. The Plan will consider specific land use needs and identify sites for development (allocations), or protection.  This forms the basis for making planning decisions. 

As part of the process we are preparing a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) which will identify land that could be used to meet housing (including Traveller accommodation) or employment requirements, over the minimum 15-year Local Plan period.

The assessment will identify a pool of sites which are suitable, available and achievable for housing or economic development uses.

Inclusion of land in the assessment does not necessarily mean it will be allocated in the Local Plan, nor does it imply that planning permission would be granted if a planning application was submitted.

However, this approach does ensure that all land is assessed together to identify which sites are the most suitable and deliverable when considered against the aims of the Local Plan and identified future needs.

Help us shape the future of Ashfield

We are inviting members of the local community, landowners and organisations to put forward sites within Ashfield for assessment and consideration.

We are particularly keen to identify brownfield sites (sites that have been previously developed). Sites must be available for allocation. This means all landowners must agree that the site is available for development.

To view a map of sites submitted:

SHELAA interactive map

How to submit a site

If you would like to put forward a site or sites you can download the application form from the related documents section of this page.

Submissions must be accompanied by a map which clearly illustrates the boundaries of the site. 

If you have previously submitted land for potential development through the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA), the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment for Travellers, or the Strategic Employment Land Availability Assessment (SELAA) process, you will still need to complete a new submission form.

You form can be returned by email with supporting documentation and maps by:

Other ways to contact us about SHELAA

For questions about our call for sites contact us by: