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Dog fouling

Dog fouling is deeply unpleasant and can also be dangerous. In some cases it can lead to blindness in children. 

It is an offence to allow your dog to defecate in public and not clean it up, and dispose of it responsibly. You can be issued a fixed penalty notice if you're caught not cleaning up your dog's mess. 

Forgetting your scoop a poop bags isn't an excuse. To make it even easier for you dog poo bags are available at the entrance to some of our parks and smaller green spaces, or you can buy them at many shops. 

Report dog fouling

Help us to keep local parks, playgrounds and pavements clean and safe by reporting any dog mess in Ashfield to us. 

If you've spotted some dog mess complete our quick online form. We'll need to know where the dog mess is and a bit more about how often it might be happening. If you're willing to let us contact you for more details to help us issue a fine you can leave your name and contact information - we won't use it for any other purpose. 

Report dog mess

Other ways you can report dog fouling

You can report dog fouling to us in these ways:

  • Telephone: 01623 450000