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Fixed penalty notices

Officers investigating incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour or Environmental Crime may issue a Fixed Penalty Notice for the following offences:

Fixed penalty notice amounts

The amount of a fixed penalty notice is set using guidelines for penalty notice levels.

Offence FPN amount FPN discount (if paid within 10 days)
Nuisance Parking £100.00 £50.00
Abandoning a Vehicle £200.00 £120.00
Litter £100.00 £75.00
Unauthorised Distribution of literature on Designated Land £75.00 £50.00
Graffiti and Fly-posting £75.00 £50.00
Failure to produce authority (waste carriers licence) £300.00 £180.00
Waste Receptacle & Putting Out Waste Offences £100.00 £60.00
Breach of Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) £100.00 £60.00
Breach of Community Protection Notice (CPN) £100.00 £60.00
Flytipping £400.00 £240.00
Flytipping – Duty of Care £200.00 £120.00

Failure to pay a FPN within 14 calendar days from the notice being issued may result in legal proceedings being brought against you for the offence.

Legal powers

The legal powers that enable Ashfield District Council issue FPNs.

The Council has powers from a number of areas:

Pay a fixed penalty notice

If you have been issued a Fixed Penalty Notice by WISE you can pay via the following methods:

  • Telephone: WISE - 0330 3334385

Remember to have your credit or debit card to hand and follow the instructions given during the call to make your payment.

  • Online:  using a credit or debit card

Pay a fixed penalty notice

If you have been issued with an FPN directly by Ashfield District Council you can pay by:

  • telephone: 08453 726173 during office hours

Pay a fixed penalty notice issued by Ashfield District Council

Appealing a fixed penalty notice

There are no formal grounds of appeal against an FPN. It is an invitation for you to discharge your liability to prosecution. In essence, this means that whilst this is not an admission of your guilt and by paying the sum of money specified, no further action will be taken by, or on behalf of the Council.

If you have any mitigating circumstances regarding the FPN you received, please email:

Failing to pay a fixed penalty notice

If you do not pay the FPN within 14 days from the date of issue, we will send you a Final Warning Letter to remind you that the payment is overdue. The Final Warning Letter gives you a further 7 days to pay the FPN. If you still do not pay within 7 days after the date of the Final Warning Letter, the case will be referred to The Council’s legal team for prosecution.

Who to contact about Fixed Penalty Notices

You can contact Ashfield District Council’s Community Safety Team by: