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Appropriate Policy Document

Data protection legislation requires special conditions to be met for processing special categories of personal data and criminal convictions data. Parts of the law prohibit the processing of such data unless the special conditions are met.

When processing special category, in addition to identifying a basis for the processing, organisations are also required to identify a special condition to enable the processing to take place. These are set out within Articles 9 (2) and 10 of the General Data Protection Regulation. The conditions include:

  • for employment, social security and social protection purposes
  • for substantial public interest purposes
  • for health and social care purposes
  • for public health purposes
  • for archiving, research and statistics purposes.

This is the Appropriate Policy Document’ for Ashfield District Council - available from the related documents section of this web page - that sets out how we will protect special category data.

Ways to contact us about the Appropriate Policy Document

Advice must be sought from the Shared Legal Service wherever special category data is to ensure that such data is processed lawfully.