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Change of circumstance

Changes we need to know about:

  • children leaving home or school
  • anyone moves in or out of the address
  • changes in the level of income (including benefits) of anyone in the household
  • changes in the level of capital or savings by more than £200
  • if anyone in the household becomes a student, goes on a Youth Training Scheme, goes into hospital or a nursing home, goes to prison, or gets, changes or leaves a job
  • the rent changes
  • your have a new address
  • the address is vacant for more than a month. 

If you receive Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, you must tell us about changes to your circumstances straight away.

If you don't it may affect the benefits your receive, or you may be committing fraud

Tell us about a change

The easiest way to inform us of any changes is to complete the relevant online form:

Changes affecting your Council Tax

  • change of address
  • entitlement to discount or exemption
  • ending entitlement to discount or exemption
  • changing of the band of your property
  • changes to the occupancy of your property - empty to occupied or occupied to empty

Changes that would affect your Housing benefit or Council Tax support

  • change of address
  • change to your rent
  • starting work, changing job or taking an extra job
  • income, capital or savings go up or down
  • Tax Credits or other benefits start, change or stop
  • a baby is born
  • a child leaves school
  • someone comes to live with you
  • someone moves out
  • someone goes into hospital

To report the death of someone