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Poll clerk - role description

We have a number of roles which need to be filled to help an election to take place. These are in addition to members of our staff who will support an election. Find out about the role of poll clerk. 

Job purpose

To assist and provide support to the Presiding Officer in all aspects of the poll in the polling station including administration.

Duties and responsibilities

Before polling day

You will:

  • keep to all instructions from the Returning Officer, Elections Team and Presiding Officer
  • attend a training session make contact with your Presiding Officer to confirm arrangements for the day
  • if you are working as a Poll Clerk for the first time, make sure you have read through the Handbook for Polling Station Staff with regard to conducting the poll on the day
  • make sure you plan your transport to and from the polling station and have all food and drink needed for the day. 

Election day

On election day you will:

  • arrive at the polling station on time to help the Presiding Officer set the polling station up for the day
  • set up the polling station as directed by the Presiding Officer before 7am
  • make sure you know the process for marking the register and issuing ballot papers, as instructed by your Presiding Officer
  • write the elector number on the Corresponding Number List (CNL) against the ballot paper number to be issued
  • make sure that electors are only given one ballot paper for each election or poll taking place on election day by checking the ballot paper number against the CNL each time one is issued
  • make sure that all electors are treated impartially and with respect
  • keep the secrecy of the ballot at all times including no commentary on social media on how busy or quiet the polling station may be
  • be polite and professional when dealing with all visitors to the polling station and be impartial at all times
  • provide cover for Presiding Officer and other poll clerks when required; all breaks should be taken during quiet periods
  • work as a team with other Poll Clerk(s) and your Presiding Officer
  • support the Presiding Officer to make sure that voters can cast their ballot in secret.

Close of poll

At close of poll you will:

  • make sure that any voters in the queue at 10pm are able to receive their ballot papers and cast their vote
  • clear and tidy polling station as required
  • support the Presiding Officer in checking paperwork
  • where requested stay at the polling station until the Presiding Officer has completed all paperwork, the polling station has been made good and the building has been secured.