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Rural Rate Relief

The occupier of a post office, general store or food shop in a settlement appearing in our Rural Settlement List is entitled to rate relief if it is the only such business in that settlement and its rateable value is £8,500 or less. As is the occupier of the only pub or petrol filling station as long as its rateable value is up to £12,500.

An eligible ratepayer is entitled to Mandatory Rural Rate Relief at 100% of the full occupied charge.

We also have the discretion to allow varying levels of relief on the rates bill on any other property within a settlement shown on the Rural Settlement List if its rateable value is not more than £12,000 and we are satisfied that the business in occupation is of benefit to the local community.

Our current list of qualifying rural settlements:

  • Papplewick (part - also appears on Gedling Borough Council's list)
  • New Selston
  • Selston (Holly Hill)
  • Selston (Annesley Farm)
  • Selston (Skegness)
  • Selston (Inkerman/Alma)
  • Selston Green
  • Jubilee
  • Jacksdale
  • Westwood
  • Bagthorpe
  • Underwood
  • Brinsley (part - also appears on Broxtowe Borough Council's list)
  • New Annesley
  • Annesley Woodhouse
  • Nuncargate
  • Kirkby Woodhouse
  • Kingsway
  • Upper Coxmoor
  • Lower Coxmoor
  • Kirkby West
  • Greenwood Drive
  • Old Kirkby
  • Round Hill
  • Forest Side
  • Carsic
  • Huthwaite
  • Huthwaite (Commonside)
  • Skegby
  • Healdswood
  • Stanton Hill
  • Fackley
  • Teversal. 

Should you have any query on how this scheme applies to you contact us by: