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Community and charity event trading

If you are organising a non-profit event on behalf of a registered charity or community organisation you will need a community and charity event trading consent. 

There are a number of conditions on the consent: 

  • traders cannot remain at the location beyond the duration of the event
  • traders must be invited by the event organiser
  • food traders must have a valid Food Hygiene Certificate
  • traders must have current electrical and gas safety certificates for their stalls, units or vehicles where appropriate
  • traders must have Public Liability Insurance (to a minimum of £5,000,000
  • traders must show the person running the stall has a valid right to work in the UK
  • if the event is on council-owned parks or spaces traders are not providing similar goods or services offered by a permanent businesses on the site during their opening hours. 

Traders selling alcohol or selling hot food and drinks after 11pm must submit a Temporary Event Notice to meet the Licensing Act 2003. 

Special event trading consents allow for up to 4 traders. If 5 or more traders will be attending a Private Market Licence is needed. 

Apply for a community and charity event trading consent

You will need to email us at for an event application form. You will need to give us details of the traders when you apply. 

There is no charge for community and charity event trading consents. 

We will consider whether your event and the traders meet the conditions of the consent. We will also need to make sure the event is non-profit, and traders are making a contribution from their takings to the charity or community organisation. 

If the consent is granted a copy must be shown next to each stall at the event. We will send these to you when we let you know our decision. 

What if consent is not granted?

If we decide the event is a commercial one, and is for profit, you will need to apply for a special event trading consent

Other ways to contact us about the consent

If you have questions about the consent or applying you can contact us by: