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Ashfield country road with old fashioned way marker signpost with local village names

Emerging Local Plan

We are bringing forward a new Local Plan, which is fresh, creative and robust intended to bring the greatest socio-economic benefit to Ashfield over the next 17 years.

The Local Plan addresses needs and opportunities in relation to local housing, the local economy, community facilities and infrastructure. It also safeguard the environment, enable adaptation to climate change and help secure high quality accessible design. The plan provides the framework for guiding decision on individual planning applications. 

In bringing forward the Local Plan, we will assess future needs and opportunities, exploring and identifying the potential options. This requires:

  • gathering evidence to inform the Local Plan
  • carrying out a sustainability appraisal to inform the preparation of the Local Plan
  • undertaking engagement and consultation with the local community, businesses, developers, landowners and other interested parties.

How to get involved

There will be plenty of opportunity to have your say on the Local Plan during public consultations as we develop it. We want local communities and local people to be involved and have their say.

If you're interested in being kept up-to-date with our work on the plan you can contact us by email, telephone or post. You can see more about how we consult and involve local communities, businesses and organisations in our Statement of Community Involvement

Statement of community involvement

We have updated our Statement of Community Involvement.

This sets out our policy and approach to community involvement and public consultation in the preparation of local development documents. This includes the Local Plan, and when dealing with planning applications. 

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) outlines the process we will undertake to development a new Local Plan and present a timetable for producing it. As such, it provides a starting point for you to see at what stage you can become involved in the plan making process. 

You can find the Local Development Scheme in the related documents section of this web page or in the evidence base. 

The emerging Local Plan

Strategic approach

We are working with local authorities in the Nottingham Outer and Nottingham Core Housing Market Areas considering cross boundary matters and the evidence base for the emerging plan. 

The Nottingham Core Housing Market Area covers Nottingham City, Rushcliffe, Gedling, Broxtowe, and Erewash. The Nottingham Outer Housing Market covers Ashfield, Mansfield, and Newark and Sherwood. 

We are also consulting with infrastructure providers to reflect the requirement of such aspects as education, highways and health.

Evidence base

There are many documents which form an evidence base for the emerging local plan. You can view these online. 

Calls for sites (SHELAA)

We are working on the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA). This will identify potential development sites, assesses whether sites can realistically be brought forward and whether they can be delivered to meet future development needs. 

We undertook a Call for Sites in 2019 where interested landowners and agents submitted details of potential sites for consideration. These sites are been assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability.

The assessment was based on a methodology that reflects guidance set out in the National Planning Policy Framework and Planning Practice Guidance 2019.

You can find more on the call for sites web page

Sustainability appraisal

An important part of bringing the local plan forward is the sustainability appraisal.

This identifies:

  • how sustainable development is being addressed through the plan
  • demonstrates how relevant economic, social and environmental objectives have been addressed. 

The sustainability appraisal helps to define options best suited to various levels of growth in Ashfield over the 18 years the Local Plan covers. The appraisal is an aid to making decisions. 

We have appointed a specialist consultant to undertake the sustainability appraisal of the Local Plan.

You can find out more on the sustainability appraisal web page. 

Withdrawal of the Ashfield Local Plan 2016 from examination

In 2018 the decision was made to withdraw the Local Plan 2016 and start work on a new Local Plan. You can find copies of the withdrawal documents in the related documents section of this page. 

You can also find notes from the meeting on 6 September 2018 where the decision was made in our committee reports section. 

Ways to contact us about the Local Plan

If you need to contact us about the Local Plan you can do so by: