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Applying for a licence

Applying for a licence

You can apply for a licence from 1 July 2022. All applications must be made online.

Apply for a licence

Assuming there are no changes in circumstances, such as a change of ownership, the licence will last for the duration of the Selective Licensing Scheme, up to 24 July 2027. You do not need to reapply each year.

We have tried to make the application form as simple and straightforward as possible, with help and advice being provided alongside questions on the application form.

Supporting documents

When completing the form you will be asked to upload supporting documents and pay the licence application fee.

The supporting documents you need to upload will include;

  • Photo ID for the applicant and licence holder
  • Proof of address for licence holder and applicant
  • Proof of your accreditation status (if you are seeking to pay the reduced licence fee)
  • Valid gas safety certificate
  • EICR
  • EPC
  • Tenancy agreement

We would encourage you to upload all of your supporting documentation when you complete your application. If you do not have everything to hand it is important you revisit your application and upload the documents as soon as possible. Without these your application is incomplete and cannot be processed.

A failure to upload the information could delay you receiving your licence and in the worst case could lead to further action for failure to licence.

Applications can be made by owners or managing agents on behalf of owners. When applying for a licence you will need to confirm the details of the person who will be the licence holder. This can be the owner, managing agent or another person responsible for managing the property day to day.

The applicant and the licence holder will be required to sign declarations as to any prior relevant criminal convictions or enforcement and that the licence holder will abide by the terms of the licence conditions.

Licence fee

The licence fee is £350 per property and must be paid in full when you submit your online licence application.

A £100 discount is available for applicants who are members of a landlord accreditation scheme (at the time of applying). To be eligible for the discount details of the accredited body and membership number must be included on the licence application form.

Accredited landlord bodies operating in Ashfield include DASH (Decent and Safe Homes).

Please note:

Licence application fees are none refundable.

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