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The licence, change of ownership and exemptions

Once issued, the licence will last for the duration of the Selective Licensing Scheme.

At present the scheme is due to run until 24 July 2027.

Change of ownership

Should the ownership of the property change or the owner wishes to change the licence holder during the licence period a new licence and full application will be required. A new licence fee will have to be paid.

Minor variations

Minor variations to licences or records, such as addresses or other minor management matters can be made free of charge. Please contact us to advise us of any changes:

Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN)

Some properties may be eligible for a Temporary Exemption Notice (TEN) if steps are in progress to change the occupancy of the property from a private rented property e.g. if the property is being sold for owner occupation. If you believe you may be eligible for a TEN please contact the Selective Licensing team who will be able to advise accordingly.  Critically, the process of changing the property to owner occupation etc. must already be happening.  You cannot issue a new section 21 notice to evict a tenant where a property is subject to licensing. 

Apply for a Temporaty Exemption Notice (TEN)

How to contact us

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