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Food Hygiene Services For Businesses

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For all Food Businesses

Our Environmental Health Officers will visit all new businesses to carry out a food hygiene inspection, and all existing businesses receive programmed inspections at a frequency based on the type of food business activity, size and any other risk factors where we check compliance with food hygiene law and assess your Food Hygiene Rating Score

The Council is required to carry out these inspections, and we can offer further assistance to businesses with hygiene advisory visits prior to your inspection to help you attain high levels of food hygiene and good Food Hygiene Rating Scheme scores when you are inspected.

Businesses that receive our advisory visits regularly receive a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score of 5.


Food Hygiene Training

We propose to offer Food Hygiene Training Sessions in 2019. If you wish to express and interest in joining us for food hygiene training, please contact the Food Team

The Councils' Food Safety team is accredited by Highfield International Limited  to provide accredited food hygiene training courses for food businesses, including Level 2 Award in  Food Safety in Catering and  Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering (Refresher).

Click here for further details.


Business Advice

We  provide advice and information to new or existing businesses over the phone, or if you wish you can make an appointment and visit us at The Council Offices in Kirkby in Ashfield - the first hour of advice is provided free of charge and further assistance can be provided at a reasonable rate contact us for further details.


Pre-Inspection Audit Visits to Help You Achieve High Standards And a Good Food Hygiene Rating Score

Alternatively you can request that we visit your business and provide you with bespoke information and advice tailored to your individual business needs for the amount of £180.00 EXC VAT prior you receiving an unannounced inspection where your Food Hygiene Rating Scheme score is assessed .
This includes provision of and advice in completing the Safer Food Better Business pack.
Businesses that follow our advice regularly receive a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme Score of 5.

We provide  a window sticker for you  business to display and the score is uploaded to the Food Standards Agency Website (across England and Wales - Scotland offers a different scheme), click here to access them.

New Business Advisory Visit

Additionally, if you are a new business and would like to receive a pre inspection Food Hygiene Rating Scheme audit visit, please contact the Food Team to book an appointment.

Prices for this service vary, dependant on the type and size of business, but as a guide  prices start at £120.00 EXC VAT for a small retailer and a typical pizza, kebab and fried chicken takeaway, fish & chip shop or curry takeaway would be in the region of £200.00 EXC VAT


Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

If you have received an inspection, and were awarded an FHRS score of less than 5 you can request a re-score with the intention of improving your rating after you have made the improvements required.
To arrange for a re-score, please contact the Food Team for details, the cost for this service is  £180.00 VAT exempt.

Health Certificates

Sometimes known as export certificates; these may be required if you are an approved premises and are exporting a product to another country. The recipient may require an official  letter that confirms you are registered with and have been inspected by Ashfield District Council.  for the amount of £60.00 EXC VAT


Safer Food Better Business

Safer Food Better Business packs are an easy way to comply with the requirement for a Food safety Management System.

These can be downloaded free of charge from the Food Standards Agency website, click here to access the relevant webpages.

We can also provide you with a Safer Food Better Business Pack for £20.00 EXC VAT, postage if required is an additional £4.00 EXC VAT

Safer food Better Business coaching videos that can help you complete your packs can be found here


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