Variation of Designated Premises Supervisor

In order for a premise to serve alcohol there must be a Designated Premises Supervisor nominated on the Premises Licence. This person must hold a valid personal licence.  To change the Designated Premises Supervisor you are required to complete an application form and gain the consent of the person you wish to appoint as your new DPS. 

The completed forms, the premises licence (not the summary), together with the fee of £23.00, should be posted or handed to a member of the Licensing Team. If the premises licence is not available you must state the reasons why this is the case on the application form.

You are also required to send a copy of your application to Nottinghamshire Police at the following address:

The Chief Constable
Nottinghamshire Police HQ (CJ)
Liquor Licensing
Mansfield Police Station
Great Central Road
NG18 2HQ

On receipt of your application, there is a statutory 14 day consultation period, during which time the Nottinghamshire Police can make representation against the application, should they wish to. If such a representation is received and an agreement cannot be reached between the applicant and police, the application will have to be heard by a panel of elected members selected from the Licensing Committee.  The panel will determine whether to grant or refuse the application.

You have the right to appeal against any decision the panel makes to either Mansfield  or Nottingham Magistrates' Court, depending where your premises is situated.

Please contact the Licensing Team if you have any further questions. 

If you have any queries please do not hesitate in contacting a member of the Licensing Team.