Addison Drive Signs up for Century of Council Housing

Thursday 17 October 2019 Addison Drive Signs up for Century of Council Housing


A new road sign has been unveiled on Addison Drive in Hucknall, 100 years after the Addison Act was introduced.

The Addison Act was introduced in 1919 by then Minister of Health Dr Christopher Addison. It was created to meet the huge demand for working-class housing following the First World War by tasking local councils to build up to 500,000 homes in just three years.

There are hundreds of streets across the country named after Addison. This one in Hucknall however was once home to incoming President of the Chartered Institute of Housing (and CEO of Grand Union Housing Association) Aileen Evans, who joined the celebrations to formally unveil the new sign.

Aileen Evans, speaking at the event, said of her former council built house: “All through my childhood Addison Drive was my family home, it gave us a stable home in a safe environment.

“We had a good life, not lavish, but enough to give us all a happy, secure start to our lives from which me and my siblings have benefited enormously. Everybody deserves that – and without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

“As landlords both housing associations and local authorities must work together with the Government to build on Christopher Addison’s legacy by building good homes for people to live good lives.”

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of the Council, said: “It’s fantastic that we are able to mark the impact of the Addison Act here in Hucknall as over the last 100 years it has given safe homes to millions of people.

“The current national picture has been called a housing emergency. In Ashfield, we were recently named the number one local authority landlord in the UK but we are by no means complacent.

“We recently added nine new properties to our housing portfolio in Hucknall and we are building over 20 new homes on Davies Avenue in Sutton. We also have plans to build or acquire around 100 more properties within our term.

“We still have a lot of work to do so I hope that marking the success of the Addison Act is just the start of the road for the improvements yet to come.”