Driver fined with the help of dash cam footage

Tuesday 28 May 2019 Driver fined with the help of dash cam footage


An Ashfield resident was issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice after being witnessed throwing a significant amount litter out of his car window.

Having witnessed the offence, and with the backup of Dash Cam footage, we were able to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to the perpetrator.

Cllr Daniel Williamson, Cabinet member for Community Safety said “In order for the Council to take action in incidents like this, a witness has to agree to provide a written statement. They must also agree to be a witness in court if the perpetrator doesn’t pay the fine and the case is taken further.”

With a statement obtained, and information on the registered keeper obtained from the DVLA, Community Protection Officers visited the registered keeper at their Hucknall home.

The driver of the vehicle was informed of the evidence and agreed to pay the £75 fine.

Cllr Daniel Williamson continued “Horrified by what he saw, the resident contacted the Council to see if there was any action that could be taken.

“When residents come forward with incidents like this we’ll do all we can to ensure the culprit is caught. We take a zero tolerance approach on littering and fly tipping. It’s not only a blight on the district, but the money we spend cleaning it up is better spent elsewhere.”