Papplewick Green Artwork Unveiled

Monday 5 November 2018 Papplewick Green Artwork Unveiled


The Papplewick Green Artwork was unveiled on Friday 2nd November.

The artwork, which stands at 4m tall, is positioned in the centre of Urban Square in the Papplewick Green Estate. It was officially unveiled in the presence of local residents along with Cllr John Wilmott, Cllr Glenys Maxwell, Chairman of Ashfield District Council and the two award winning artists who created it, Hilary Cartmel and Michael Johnson.

Alongside the main sculpture there are eight other artworks called settles, placed around the estate. One of which contains a time capsule that the children from Beardall Fields Primary School helped fill and then place into the centre, before filling with pebbles.

The artwork has been in creation since 2016 with the community being at the centre of the project at all times. From consultations on the design, to the drawings of local schoolchildren which were laser cut into the stainless steel lids of the settles. The artworks reflect the history, local community and natural landscape of Papplewick Green.

Hilary Cartmel, Artist, said “We would like to thank everybody who was involved, at some stage, in creating this artwork. We couldn’t have done this without the help and involvement of the local community, so thank you and we hope you enjoy this artwork for many years to come.”

Cllr John Wilmott, Cabinet Member for Social and Council Housing, said “We are keen to celebrate the delivery of the art and recognise the community’s involvement. We would like to thank our artists: Hilary Cartmel and Michael Johnson for designing and creating the final pieces of artwork. Congratulations to everyone who has been involved in making Papplewick Green a more attractive and welcoming place, and in working together to bring about this well-deserved success.”