Successful Operation Cracking down on Car Cruisers

Monday 11 June 2018 Successful Operation Cracking down on Car Cruisers


Ashfield District Council have been working closely with Nottinghamshire Police to tackle car cruising around Junction 27 of the M1.

On Sunday night Police attended Junction 27 where approximately 17 vehicles had congregated, parking in the whole length of the layby with approximately 70 people congregating on the pathway.  A section of the dual carriage way had to be closed allowing Police to stop the vehicles and gain details of the drivers with a view to issuing Fixed Penalty Notices to the Drivers of the vehicles.

Junc 27 is a popular spot for car cruisers, with many of the high powered/modified cars involved traveling from other areas of Nottingham.

A Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) around junction 27 has recently been implemented and will run for the next three years, giving the Police and Council Community Protection Officers the power to issue £100 fixed penalty notices to those breaching the PSPO .

Cllr Cristian Chapman, portfolio holder for Crime Prevention & Community Safety says “Car cruising in this area has been a problem for years, which is why Ashfield District Council have worked closely with the Police and County Council to ensure that the Order was extended for another three years. Car Cruising is putting lives in danger, so it is great that the Police can continue to take action on these nuisance drivers and show them that car cruising in the area won’t be tolerated.”

Police Sergeant Carl Holland said: “The activity on Sunday demonstrates exactly what we can do with the PSPO powers and how we can work together to deliver a positive outcome. We continue to work with our partners to establish a long term solution but these extra measures are clearly making a difference in the meantime.

“We will follow up every report we receive and as well as the reactive work, we are planning more ‘nights of action’ sporadically but regularly so that we catch these offenders off-guard. We want to do everything we can to make sure people do not use J27 as a race track. It is illegal and dangerous and we will not tolerate it in Nottinghamshire.”