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Valentine Avenue in Selston is yet another Even Cleaner Street

Monday 5 December


To assist residents to remove unwanted items and help clear out before Christmas, Councillor Christine Quinn-Wilcox and Council officers came together to make it happen on Saturday 3 December.

Whilst the Waste and Environment special collection was underway, Community Protection and Locality Officers supported the event by talking to residents and litter picking the area.

The Councillor said, “I’ll be helping as well, especially for those that would like to live in a clean village and are not able to help”.

If you are inspired by this story and want to tidy up your street, then why not become a Volunteer?  For further information, please contact the Locality and Community Empowerment Team on 01623 457092, email volunteering@ashfield-dc.gov.uk or follow us on Facebook /ADCAshfield