Sutton Town Centre Spatial Masterplan (March 2019)

The Sutton Town Centre Spatial Masterplan aims to provide a high-level framework for future investment and development which maximises the opportunities for Sutton and capitalises on its existing assets. In particular it:

  • Provides a consensus and common understanding of Sutton Town Centre as a place – its character and identity.
  • Establishes a clear Vision for Sutton Town Centre to guide its development and improvements to 2029.
  • Provides clear design principles for subsequent new development / projects with an emphasis on sustainability.
  • Identifies sites and building where redevelopment and improvements will be encouraged.
  • Aims to improve links to and within the Town Centre for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users.
  • Sets out how developments/projects and initiatives could be delivered, who would be involved in delivery, how they might be funded and by what mechanism.
  • Provides an evidence base for the emerging Local Plan.

Sutton Town Centre Spatial Masterplan

Consultation Statement


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