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It’s a #CrimeNotToCare when it comes to getting rid of your rubbish

Thursday 16 March


Ashfield District Council is launching a campaign to tackle the epidemic of fly-tipping that is affecting communities up and down the country.

Fly tipping cases in Ashfield have cost approximately £19k in investigating time and thousands more in clear up costs.

#CrimeNotToCare, which is being run in partnership with environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, aims to educate householders about the right thing to do with their rubbish and to reduce the amount of household waste that is fly-tipped by rogue traders who offer to take people’s waste away for money and then dump it.

The campaign aims to get the message across that if an individual’s waste is fly-tipped, even if they gave it to a third party to dispose of, they can be prosecuted and end up with a fine and a criminal record. Ashfield District Council will soon be using new powers of legislation to impose larger fines than ever before for fly-tippers, stamping down on this environmental crime.

Edd de Coverly, Service Director for Place and Communities for Ashfield District Council said: “This campaign is designed to raise awareness of the importance of this type of irresponsible behaviour. Our officers will work with residents wherever possible to deal with waste and with the new maximum penalty in place for fly-tippers, the potential punishment is now far greater.”

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “#CrimeNotToCare is an important campaign for our country and we are delighted that Ashfield District Council is partnering with us on it.

“There are almost a million fly-tipping incidents in England every year and cleaning it all up costs us more than £50million a year. It blights communities and our countryside and is a menace.

“We need the public to understand that their rubbish is their responsibility and they must do the right thing with it.

“Giving it to a ‘man with a van’ who offers to get rid of it cheaply could prove costly for people and result in them getting a criminal record. They have a duty of care and this campaign will help explain to them exactly what that is and how to protect themselves.”

Ashfield District Council is rolling out the campaign to remind residents about their duty of care when it comes to unwanted waste. The campaign also aims to encourage social media users to report a ‘Facebook fly-tipper’ in a bid to prevent further incidents and reduce clear-up costs for the Council.  

#CrimeNotToCare will run alongside Even Cleaner Streets; a campaign to improve the appearance of Ashfield District by delivering a programme of activity that both promotes good environmental behaviours and tackles negative ones.