Small Business Relief 2017

The Government has recently amended the rateable value thresholds for Small Business Rates Relief in line with the revaluation of all business properties in England, effective from 01/04/17.

Eligibility Criteria (amended with effect from 01/04/17)

  1. The property must be within the thresholds given below; and
  2. This relief is only available to ratepayers with either
    • only one property in England, or
    • one main property and other additional properties providing those additional properties have rateable values less than £2,900 and the total value of all the occupied properties is less than £20,000
  • Please note, Small Business Rates Relief can only be awarded in respect of the main assessment. Business Rates will still be payable in respect of any additional assessments.

Thresholds (Rateable values held on the 2017 rating list)

Eligible properties with a rateable value of up to £12,000 will be eligible for 100% rate relief on completion and acceptance of an application.  This will decrease on a sliding scale for properties rateable values between 12,001 and 14,999.  Occupied properties with rateable values from 15,000 to 50,999 will not qualify for Small Business Rates Relief but will have their liability calculated using the lower “Small Business” rate multiplier.


Ratepayers should use the application form sent to them or alternatively complete the online form (see below) to claim this relief.   

It is a criminal offence for a ratepayer to give false information when making an application for small business relief.  Any change in circumstances which affects entitlement to Small Business Rate Relief, eg taking on another property / changes in rateable value to any of your properties, must be notified to Ashfield District Council within 4 weeks of the change in circumstances taking place.  Please note, if no change of circumstance occurs after 1st April 2017 you will not need to renew your application again until the next Rating List comes into force.  

Should you have any query on how this scheme applies to you please contact us on 01623 450000 or e-mail


Information on Small Business Relief for the 2010 valuation list is available by clicking here.


Small Business Relief online application form

or alternatively 

Download Small Business Rate Relief application form