What is the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme?

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

All food businesses our District receive inspections and interventions from our Environmental Health Officers to review and rate their hygiene standards. After each inspection the food business will receive one of the following ratings:

  • 5   very good
  • 4   good
  • 3   generally satisfactory
  • 2   improvement necessary
  • 1   major improvement necessary
  • 0   urgent improvement necessary

Food hygiene ratings are public and can be viewed online.

To find out more about the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, click here.

What the rating covers

Ratings are a snapshot of the standards of food hygiene found at the time of inspection. It is the responsibility of the business to comply with food hygiene law at all times.

This includes:

  • handling of food
  • how food is stored
  • how food is prepared
  • cleanliness of facilities
  • how food safety is managed

The food hygiene rating scheme does not provide information on the following factors:

  • quality of the food  
  • customer service  
  • culinary skill  
  • presentation  
  • comfort

Challenging your rating

If you believe your food hygiene rating is unfair, you can:

  •  appeal your rating within 21 days from the date that you received the inspection
  •  request a revisit to rescore your business at any time after being awarded your score. A payment of £180.00 is required before we can rescore your business, contact us for details
  •  use your ‘right to reply’ to have your own response to the rating appear alongside it

Further details on how to challenge a food hygiene rating are set out in the attachments below: