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HOT - Healthier Options Takeaway Award

HOT - Healthier Options Takeaway Award

Ashfield District Council are working with and encouraging businesses to provide healthier food options on their menus and help customers manage their weight.

Along with other Local authorities in Nottingham: Ashfield  have introduced the Healthier Options Takeaway (HOT) Scheme, where food premises including cafes and take-aways with a hygiene rating of three or above can apply for a Merit award.

For more information on the scheme in other districts, please visit https://www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/care/health-and-wellbeing/healthier-options-takeaways

If you would like to nominate your favourite food premises for a HOT award, please let us know.

 We currently have forty eight businesses that hold the HOT award, they are:-

Huthwaite and Stanton Hill


The Chip Inn, Sutton Road, Huthwaite 

J-Los Cobs, Sutton Road, Huthwaite 

Dexter’s Deli, High Street, Stanton Hill

Mamma Mia, High Street, Stanton Hill



Yummy Tummies, High Street, Hucknall

Just Spuds, Market Place, Hucknall

Chad's Lite Bites,High Street,Hucknall

Bite 2 Eat, Portland Road, Hucknall 

Top Chef, Leamington Buildings, Hucknall

The Old Town Hall Cafe, Watnall Road, Hucknall 

Zacs Fish and Chips, Portland Place, Hucknall

Food Express, Watnall Road, Hucknall

Butter Fingers Cafe, Derbyshire Lane, Hucknall

Vandellas Vintage Tea Rooms, King Street, Hucknall

Atlantis Fish Bar, Watnall Road, Hucknall

Jacksdale, Selston and Underwood


Jacksdale Butchers, Main road, Jacksdale 

Paulines Pantry, Main road, Jacksdale

The Tin Hat Cafe, Chapel Road, Selston 

Felley Priory Tea Room, Felly Priory, Underwood


Kirkby in Ashfield


Jolly Fryer, Lowmoor Road, Kirkby in Ashfield

Angies Cafe, Lowmoor Road, Kirkby in Ashfield

Ocean Blue 2, Greenwood Drive, Kirkby in Ashfield 

The Tea rooms, Station Road, Kirkby in Ashfield  

Kings Rolls, Station Road, Kirkby in Ashfield

The Lunch Box, Nuncargate Road, Kirkby in Ashfield

Best by Farr, Lowmoor Road,Kirkby in Ashfield

Options Cafe, Portland Health Village, Portland Street, Kirkby in Ashfield

Freestyle Trampoline Park, Lowmoor Road, Kirkby in Ashfield

The Wild Rabbit Cafe, Portland Park, Lindley's Lane, Kirkby in Ashfield NG17 9AL

Sutton in Ashfield and Skegby


Fortune House, High Pavement, Sutton in Ashfield 

Oceans of Many, The Twitchell, Sutton in Ashfield 

Barista, Outram Street, Sutton in Ashfield 

Fearne’s Red Door Deli, Eastfield side, Sutton in Ashfield

Tonys Cafe Bar, Idlewells Indoor Market, Sutton in Ashfield 

Golden Dragon, Outram Street, Sutton in Ashfield 

A. Cunnington Butchers, Low Street, Sutton in Ashfield

Subway, Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield 

Fun and Fries at MacDonalds, Mansfield Road, Sutton in Ashfield 

Rumbles at the Lawn, Station Road, Sutton in Ashfield

West Notts College, Julias Way, Sutton in Ashfield

Pit Stop Café, Oddicroft Lane, Sutton in Ashfield

Sea Fresh, Carsic Lane, Sutton in Ashfield 

The IKON Centre, Forest Street, Sutton in Ashfield

ASDA Diner, Priestsic Road, Sutton in Ashfield

Lammas Leisure Centre Cafe, Lammas Road, Sutton in Ashfield

Skegby Methodist Church and Anchor Centre 


Portland College Staff and student Canteen, Nottingham Road, Mansfield

Portland College Cafe, Nottingham Road, Mansfield 

Newstead Court Restaurant @ Eon,Sherwood Business Park, Annesley





The HOT Merit Award Scheme aims to increase accessibility and awareness of healthier options through takeaway outlets. Many takeaways, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops already offer healthier options for their customers and display information about this on their menus. Other food outlets may offer healthier options, without realising or promoting it.
By making small changes to what is offered or how food is prepared, cooked or served, takeaways can offer more, healthier choices for their customers.

This award recognises those takeaways who offer healthier options. By gaining the award, your business will be seen to be committed to supporting local communities to lead healthier lives. Other benefits include:

  • Increasing customer choice
  • Increasing customer satisfaction and sales
  • Enhancing reputation of the business
  • Receiving a certificate and promotional material to display in premises
  • Recognition of achievement through Ashfield District Council website and social media

The merit will last for two years,unless there is a change of owner or cuisine when the award would expire. Ashfield District Council has the right to remove the merit if the food hygiene rating falls below 3.

There is no cost in applying for the merit.

How to apply

Please download a self-assessment form 

There are six sections of the self-assessment form and in each section all questions need to be completed.

Please provide comments to help us understand how exactly you are meeting the criteria, this might be examples of what you do or changes you have made. Please attach any copies of menus you may have to the form.

The merit will last for two years,unless there is a change of owner or cuisine when the award would expire. Ashfield District Council has the right to remove the merit if the food hygiene rating falls below 3.

Once completed please send the form to:

Food Team
Place and Communities
Ashfield District Council
Urban Road
Nottingham NG17 8DA

Alternatively, you can e-mail the completed form to us at food@ashfield-dc.gov.uk