Registering a food business

Registering a food business

If you plan to open a food business, or take over an existing business (Change of operator or owner) you must complete and return a food premises registration form to the Council. this should be submitted at least 28 days before you start trading or before you open.
Once received,  we will schedule an inspection into our programme and one of our Environmental Health Officers will visit to provide advice, inspect and give you your Food Hygiene Rating Score and window sticker. Please call us on (01623) 450000 and ask for Commercial Food team  or return it by email to 

Do you need further advice?

We can also provide advice and information to new or existing businesses over the phone, or if you prefer, you can arrange an appointment to visit us at the Council Offices at Urban Road in Kirkby in Ashfield - the first hour of advice is provided free of charge and further assistance can be provided at a reasonable rate.

Please contact us for further details.

Alternatively you can request that we visit your business and provide you with bespoke information and advice tailored to your individual business needs from £60.00 EXC VAT


Approved premises

If you are a business producing and/or supplying products of animal origin (Dairy Products, Egg Products, Fish Products, Meat Products, Minced Meat and Meat Preparation, Shellfish Purification and/or Egg Packing) to other food businesses, you may be required to apply for approval to use your establishment for that purpose. Apply online for a licence or fill in the Approval of a food business form here.

 Products of animal origin include meat products, fishery products, minced meat, meat preparations etc.

•If you cook meat pies in your premises and only sell them to members of the public you will not require approval

•If you cook meat pies and only sell them to other businesses such as restaurants, shops etc, then you would require approval

•If you cook meat pies and supply members of the public and food businesses, you may require approval. If approval is required, you will have to adhere to additional requirements with regard to structure, layout, health marking etc.

This is a complicated area of food law and each case needs to be looked at individually. Please contact us to discuss your operation if you think approval may be required.