Safe preparation and cooking of kebabs

Safe preparation and cooking of kebabs

Kebabs can be a safe food when you follow just a few simple rules:

Preparation (if you make your own kebab)

  • Use only fresh minced meat
  • Keep it cold, below 8°C until required
  • When required remove from cold store, mix with other ingredients and form into shapes required. (Ensure that the working surfaces and your hands are clean)
  • Return to cold storage to set. (Keep away from other foods)


  • Remove from cold store and place spit in cooker
  • Commence cooking on vertical grill immediately
  • Cook so that kebab surface meat is thoroughly cooked above 75°C before cutting off thin slices. Check with a clean probe thermometer. you should insert the probe into the kebab and ensure the tempertaure reads above 75°C for two minutes 
  • Food should be cooked thoroughly to kill food poisoning bacteria. The core temperature should reach 75°C instantaneously. The core is taken as the centre or thickest part of the food.
  • Clean and disinfect the slicing knife at regular intervals (spary paper roll with antibacterial spray and clean the blade)
  • Keep cut meat hot over 63°C for two hours. After two hours, you must either reheat the kebab again  to above 75°C(for two minutes) You must onky reheat food once and no more than once


  • Any sliced meat remaining at the end of the trading period should be thrown away, especially if it has been kept at 63°C for more than two hours.  
  • Partly cooked meat which is left on the kebab must be thrown away as it food poisoning bacteria may be present 
  • Raw meat on the spit must be cooled quickly within 1½ hours and put in there frigerator away from other foods - stored in the bottom of the fridge so raw juices cannot drip onto cooked and ready to eat foods

Reheating of portions

Sliced cooked meat can be reheated quickly, for example in a microwave oven, to over 75°C and then kept over 63°C for two hours

Partly used kebabs

These must be treated as described before and not be reheated more than once.

Size really is important

Where possible the size of the kebab you should order and use a smaller kebab on a spit.

Using  several smaller kebabs rather than one large kebab is preferable as a smaller kebab can be cooked or cooled more quickly and is less likely to be kept over from one trading period to the next.