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Residential Services

We offer a comprehensive, discreet and professional Pest Prevention and Control Service with very reasonable prices. If you have a pest problem or would like to know more about our prevention or control services please contact us for a quote or to arrange a visit.


Treatments Available

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Wasps and bees - Please Note We prefer not to treat bees and will only treat bees if there is no other alternative - we recommend that you contact a bee keeper to remove bees in the first instance.





Business Services

No matter your business type, your reputation is important. We provide a very competitively priced commercial pest control and prevention service that is tailored to your needs. Pests often cause operational downtime for companies which in turn impacts organisational performance. Contact us today to arrange a visit. 


Refer a Business

When you refer another business which undertakes a pest control contract with ADC, you will both be eligible for a 10% discount off your annual contract.




How to pay for pest control

Householders are asked to pre-pay for insect control treatments.

The online payment system is easy to use, after a payment is made a pest control officer will be in touch when available to arrange a visit. 




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