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Regulation and Inspection

The council are the enforcing authority for health and safety in offices, shops, warehouses, hairdressers, cinemas, tyre and exhaust centres, beauty parlours, residential homes, golf courses and other non-manufacturing premises.
The Health and Safety Executive deal with manufacturers, construction sites, motor repairs, hospitals, dentists, schools, mines, quarries, railways and other industrial operations.

In order to carry out our work we use national priority planning material and local information to develop intervention plans which determine those businesses that require attention in the form of a proactive intervention and those that are either low risk or who are managing health and safety well.

It is hoped that this shift of focus, towards targeted campaigns and project work and partnership working with the Health and Safety Executive and other external agencies will assist in delivering the national aims of reducing work related fatal and major injuries and ill-health, and the incidence rate of working days lost due to these factors. 

For more detailed information on the work we carry out. please view our Service Plan.

Where work practices or conditions are deemed unsatisfactory the council will investigate and may undertake enforcement action in accordance with the Council Enforcement Policy.

If you would like to complain about a Health and Safety issue within the workplace please contact the Health and Safety (Commercial Team).

Some of the current campaigns which this authority are undertaking in partnership with the HSE and other external agencies -


Legionella in Hot and Cold Water Systems -



Falls from height in warehousing distribution -



Fatalities/injuries resulting from falls from height/crushing injuries -



Gas safety in commercial catering premises -



Safety checks on mechanical lifting equipment



Information and Advice

The Council is committed to working together with proprietors and managers to achieve high standards and prevent problems. We are always willing to give advice on legislation, or practical problems, so if you are considering setting up a business, or wish to discuss anything in relation to your existing premises.

The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 2013  For further information regarding these regulations and the notification of your accidents, diseases and dangerous occurrences please visit RIDDOR.

Cooling Towers

Premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with the local authority.

Please see "cooling tower notification" for more information.

Challenging Enforcement Advice

If you are unhappy with health & safety advice you have been given by an enforcement officer you can ask the Regulatory Challenge Panel to look into your concern. This is an independent panel run by the health and safety executive. You can contact the panel using the link below.

Regulatory Challenge Panel

Other contacts

HSE Books, PO Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO12 2WA, Website: books.hse.gov.uk

Waterstones (local HMSO agents) Telephone: 01962 840 379, Website: www.waterstones.co.uk


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Regulation and Inspection