Variation of Premises Licence

If you wish to change (vary) something on your premises licence/club premises certificate, for example the hours of trading, the authorised licensable activities or the terms and conditions, then the premise licence holder may apply to vary the premises licence/club premises certificate. 

The following documents must be submitted to the Licensing Authority with your application: 

  • A properly completed Application Form (including the operating schedule)
  • A plan of the premises in the prescribed form that is clear and legible in every respect and marked up in accordance with the Regulations)
  • The premise licence/club premises certificate, or the appropriate part of it, or, if that is not practicable, by a statement of the reasons for the failure to provide the said document or part
  • The correct fee
  • Copies of the application form and accompanying documents must be given to the Responsible Authorities listed in the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy and in the Appendix of this Guidance, on the same day as giving the application to Licensing Section at Ashfield District Council.
  • It is the applicant’s duty to send copies to the Responsible Authorities and if you cannot prove that you have served the Authorities your application will not be valid and will be rejected.

The 2003 Act also requires the applicant to advertise their application for a premises licence. This occurs in two ways, both of which must be satisfied:- 

  • By displaying at least one notice at or on the premises concerned for at least 28 consecutive days beginning on the day after the day the application is given to the licensing authority. The notice should be A4 size or larger, pale blue in colour and printed legibly in black ink or types in black in a font of a size equal to or larger than 16.  
  • By placing an advertisement in a local newspaper on at least one occasion no later than 10 working days, starting on the day after the day the application to given to the licensing authority.

    Depending on the proposed changes it may be possible for you to submit a Minor Variation application instead of a variation to premises licence

Determination of Application 

Only Responsible Authorities and Interested Parties can make a representation against your application. If there are no representations made, the licence will be granted subject to mandatory conditions and conditions consistent with the operating schedule. 

If there are relevant representations made, the licensing authority expects the applicant and Responsible Authority/Interested Party to enter into discussions and seek to negotiate a satisfactory outcome.  Where a hearing is needed please read Information Leaflet.

Please contact the Licensing Team if you have any further questions.