Dangerous, Exotic or Wild Animals

The Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 specifies that no person shall keep any dangerous wild animal except under the authority of a licence granted in accordance with the provisions of this Act. Therefore, if you intend to purchase a dangerous wild animal to keep at home it may be necessary for you to obtain a licence for the Authority under the above Act.

It is recommended that you read the full provisions of this Act before making a licence application. Please see Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976. If you require further assistance to understand the requirements of the Act please contact us.

How to apply

To apply for a Licence you must complete an application form and forward it with the appropriate fee and a copy of your public liability insurance to the Council Offices.

Application forms can be obtained by clicking on the link below:

Please contact Licensing to obtain a application form.

Or, an application form can be obtained from the Licensing Team at Ashfield District Council.

What happens next?

Once your application form has been accepted and the fee has been paid, the Licensing Team will arrange for an inspection to be carried out by the authorised veterinary officer and the environmental health officer. Once the inspection has been carried out and any works required completed, the licence can be issued.

We look forward to receiving your application and if you have any difficulty with any of the forms or have any questions, please contact the Licensing Team.


Any person aggrieved by a Local Authority refusing to grant a licence, or by any conditions to be satisfied before a licence is granted, may appeal through the Magistrates Court. On appeal the Court may request the issue of a licence or alter/withdraw licence conditions.

Please contact us if you require any further information.