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Charitable Street Collections

A Street Collection is as it says, a collection of money or pledges of money, made by or on behalf of a Charity, and the collection takes place on a public street or in a public shopping centre, usually involving one or two people with collection tins, for example Poppy Day. There is no charge to make your application.
Saturday Collections

Many people wish to collect on Saturdays. We will usually only allow one group to collect in the same area on the same day, so we may give you a permit for the morning or afternoon only. Please put on the application form which you would rather have.


No animals must be used in any street collections, but please contact us if you need to use your guide dog during the collection.

How and when to apply

Application forms must be completed and returned to the Council at least 28 days before the planned street collection.

To apply for a Street Collection Licence you must complete an application form and send the form with a copy of the latest charity accounts, charity information (leaflets) to the council offices.

Money for travel

You will not usually be allowed to take money from the collection for travel to and from the place you are collecting in. So please do not put travel expenses on the application form


If you do not belong to the group you want to collect for, you must send in a letter from the group with you application form. This letter must say that they agree to you collecting for them.

Application form can be obtained by selecting the link below:

Select to download application form 

Select to download guidance notes

Select to download returns form


An application form can be obtained from the licensing team, Ashfield District Council.


Online application

Apply to run a charitable collection

Notify us of the result of a charitable collection

Will Tacit Consent apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from Ashfield District Council by the end of the target completion period.

What happens next?

The council aim to assess your application and contact you with a decision, in writing, within 7 working days.

Within one month after the collections, you are required to complete and return the 'Form of Statement' which will be included with your permit. It has to be signed by an accountant and you will have to list the names of the people who collected for you and how much was collected.

For further information please contact the Licensing Team, Ashfield District Council.

 f you want to sell goods, magazines etc. in a public place for charity, you will need a street collection permit.