Taxi Advice for the General Public

COVID-19: Government advice for the general public when getting taxis during the Coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

The Council is responsible for the licensing of Drivers, Hackney Carriage Vehicles., Private Hire Vehicles, and Private Hire Operators (the companies that dispatch the drivers and vehicles).

Information about our Drivers

All licensed drivers must display their identity badge at all times, and their badge has the drivers name, licence number, licence expiry date and facial photograph on it, as well as our Council logo and contact details.

All of our licensed drivers are subject to a robust vetting process (DVLA check, Enhanced DBS check, Medical check, etc).

Drivers are required to act in a professional manner at all times, assist passengers with their luggage, and provide without any additional charge help to any passenger who may be wheelchair-bound or need "mobility assistance".

If you ever feel that a driver has behaved in an inappropriate manner, driven badly, or provided poor customer service, please contact us with your complaint which will be fully investigated.

Information about our Vehicles

All of our Hackney Carriage Vehicles (commonly known as Taxis) must display a Taxi Roof Box sign and are fitted with a white licence plate to the rear of the vehicle. Some of them will display the name of the Taxi Company they work through on the front doors. 

Hackney Carriage Vehicles can be hailed in the street (within the District they are licensed with) and wait at Taxi Ranks (within the District they are licensed with). Journeys must be done by way of the Taximeter fitted in the vehicle, in accordance with the Tariff Chart that must be displayed in the vehicle. If the vehicle is dispatched for a pre-booked journey through a Private Hire Operator, the price for the journey will either be agreed when the booking is made, or carried out on the Taximeter.

All of our Private Hire Vehicles must display the name of the Private Hire Operator company they work through (on the front doors), and are fitted with a yellow licence plate on the rear of the vehicle.

Private Hire Vehicles must be pre-booked through the Private Hire Operator company they work through. They cannot wait at taxi Ranks or be hailed in the street, nor can the driver make a booking directly with the customer. The prices for journeys carried out by a Private Hire Vehicle are either agreed with the Private Hire Operator when the booking is made, or done on the Taximeter fitted within the vehicle. The Private Hire Operator tariffs must be made available to passengers upon request.

All of the vehicles that we licence are subjected to 2 "compliance tests" each year. The "compliance test" is of a higher level that an M.O.T.

If for any reason you get in or see a vehicle that you feel has not been properly maintained, or appears that it should be looked at by a Licensing Officer, please contact us with your complaint which will be fully investigated.

Information about our Private Hire Operators

Private Hire Operators are the companies who the public contact to book a journey with. It is their livery that is displayed on the front doors of the vehicles. 

We expect these companies to provide you with excellent customer service, ensure that your driver attends at the time you requested, and that the fare you are charged is correct. If you are not provided with the highest level of service, please contact us with your complaint which will be fully investigated.

If you are wanting to book a journey, a list of our licensed companies is provided below:

A1 Cars 01623 515151
A Oasis Cars Limited 01623 750750
Abacus Taxis 01623 403681
ACE-ABC 01623 654321
ADF Cars Ltd 01623 555020
A-Line Taxis 01623 440060
Alpha Cars           01623 557777
Arrow  Cars       0115 956 5757
Central Cars Nottingham Ltd 0115 976 2222
Christopher Hunt (Chauffeur Service) 0115 964 1393
DG Cars              0115 950 0500
Diamond Cars Nottingham Ltd 0115 808 4880
Forest Cars 01623 626262
Ideal Cars (Private Hire) Ltd 0115 901 7755
IGO Cars 01623 858033
In Cars 07540 475008
Luxury Chauffered Cars 07932 747154
My Luxury Travel VIP 0300 124 6066
Oasis 750 Ltd 01623 750750
OLA UK App-Based Service
Pinxton & Normanton Cars 01623 443443
Pirate Cars  247 01623 247247
Pride Chauffeurs 01332 385385
Reliable Cars Ltd 0115 684 8888
Six Five Two's Private Hire 01623 622222
Stephen Feltham 07811 969831


Location of our adopted Taxi Ranks

You can obtain any of our licensed Hackney Carriages at any of the following Taxi Ranks within the Ashfield District:

Unless otherwise stated, the following taxi ranks are in force 24 hours each day, 7 days each week.

SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD: Market Street; Forest Street; Fox Street; and Iceland Car Park.

KIRKBY-IN-ASHFIELD: Morley Street; Ellis Street; and Co-operative Store Car Park.

HUCKNALL: Ogle Street; and Market Place (Saturday – Wednesday 00:00 hours – 24:00 hours; Friday 18:00 hours – 24:00 hours)