Taxi and Private Hire Trade Newsletters

Taxi & Private Hire Trade Newsletters 

The local Taxi & Private Hire trade plays an important role in providing transport services to the public, and the Council seeks to support the local trade in ensuring such services meet with the needs of today's customers. 

It is also vital, in order to promote a professional and respected local Taxi and Private Hire trade, that licence holders understand their responsibilities and the duties placed on them – which are detailed with the Driver, Vehicle and Operator Application Packs, and that the Trade liaises regularly with the Licensing Authority in order to be part of the way we shape the Ashfield District. 

We have introduced these Taxi Trade Newsletters to assist the Trade have a better awareness of topical issues, and by clicking on the links below, you can access editions of our Newsletter to see how any changes in the world of Taxi Licensing may impact on you.

January 2017 Edition

April 2017 Edition

July 2017 Edition 

November 2017 Edition 

February 2018 Edition

May 2018 Edition

Autumn 2018 Edition

Winter 2019 Edition

Spring 2019 Edition

Summer 2019 Edition

Winter 2020 Edition

Spring 2020 Edition

Please contact the Licensing Team if you have any further questions.