Special Event Trading Consent

What is a Special Event Trading Consent?

Special Event Trading Consent is issued to an event organiser for an event taking place on any land where the public have free access to, where the organiser intends to make commercial gain, and subject to the following restrictions:

  • Traders cannot remain at the event location for any period other than for the duration of the event.
  • Traders must be invited to trade at the event by the event organiser.
  • Traders must provide evidence of a valid Food Hygiene Certificate (if a food business).
  • Traders must provide evidence of current Electrical and Gas Safety Certificates for their stalls / vehicles / units (if applicable).
  • Traders must provide evidence of holding current Public Liability Insurance (to a minimum value of £5,000,000).
  • Traders must provide evidence that they and any person(s) operating the stall / vehicle / unit holds a valid right to work in the U.K.
  • That no more than 4 Traders are permitted to attend the event (if 5 or more traders are to be proposed, this falls under a Private Market Licence)
  • That when events are held on Council owned parks and recreational spaces, that the goods and services offered by Traders are not similar to those provided during the operating hours of any permanent structure sited at that location. 
  • Traders of hot foods and / or hot non-alcoholic beverages operating after 23:00 hours, or Traders selling alcohol, must submit a Temporary Event Notice in order to provide the licensable activity of “Late Night Refreshment” in accordance with the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003.

Events held on Council owned Parks and Recreational Spaces

Certain specific restrictions are required in order to prevent harmful competition, any negative impact on locations, and to protect the business interests of existing permanent premises selling similar goods and services to those that may potentially be offered by Traders at commercial events. These additional restrictions are:

  • That Mobile Trading may not take place from any Council owned park or recreational space during the operating hours of any existing permanent structure selling similar goods and services as those proposed to be offered by the Mobile Trader; and
  • That no location may be occupied by more than one Mobile Trader at any given time.

These additional restrictions assist businesses in permanent structures and who pay business rates from becoming the victims to unfair competition.

However, where there is an existing business in a permanent structure sited at a location that a Mobile Trader wishes to operate from, the restriction does not apply when the permanent structure is closed to the public.

How to Apply for a Special Event Trading Consent 

All applications for the grant of a Special Event Trading Consent must be submitted to the Licensing Team. The application form and further guidance are found within our Street Trading Application Pack. The fee applicable to such an application is £30.00 per trader.

How do we assess your Special Event Trading Consent Application?

Officers of the Licensing Team will evaluate all applications in order to assess the suitability of the traders proposed by the event organiser. A Special Event Trading Consent will be automatically granted if the application meets with our criteria as detailed above and within the Application Pack.

Grant of Special Event Trading Consent

The event organiser will be advised by letter that the Special Event Trading Consent has been granted. The Special Event Trading Consent will be enclosed with the letter.

A copy of the Special Event Trading Consent must be displayed in each of the Traders stalls / unit / vehicle throughout the duration of the event.

How to Contact the Licensing Team

You can call us on 01623 457589, email us at licensing@ashfield.gov.uk, or visit us and write to us at: Licensing Team, Ashfield District Council, Urban Road, Kirkby in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 8DA.