Ashfield District Council set to turn the clock back

Tuesday 15 January 2019 Ashfield District Council set to turn the clock back


The clock, affectionately known as the ‘Nag’s Head’ clock will be completely re-furbished and returned to as close to its original plot as possible if recommendations are approved at Cabinet on 17th January.

The recommendations would see the famous clock back in Kirkby in time to celebrate 60 years since it was first erected. The clock stood outside the Nags Head pub until its removal in 2014.

The clock was in need of a comprehensive refurbishment and put into storage, but following the current administration being approached by the local community and members of the public these recommendations have been put forward for consideration. 

The clock will be cleaned, painted and receive a new movement, glass cover and lighting. The estimated renovation and re-siting costs would be funded by unallocated Section 106 developers money, ring fenced for the regeneration of Kirkby town centre.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council says “At the same time we are looking forward and investing £14million for a new leisure centre with a swimming pool – it’s vital to remember our past.  The Nag’s Head Clock is a key part of our heritage.

"I have had members of the public coming up to me for the last five years asking when the clock would be put back.  It’s a massive part of our heritage and should never have been taken down. There are not many Kirkby residents that don’t have a memory of the clock.  I often have people tell me stories that they met for their first date under the clock.  Residents tell me that they still look back as they walk down the high street to check the time.  I spoke to a resident last week who even wrote a song about our famous clock.  I can’t wait to have the clock back in Kirkby to celebrate its 60th birthday.”