Ashfield District Council to take tough action on car cruisers

Thursday 3 May 2018 Ashfield District Council to take tough action on car cruisers


Ashfield District Council has introduced a new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) to tackle Car Cruising in the district which comes into force 4 May 2018 for a three year period.

Car Cruising has been a particular problem on Junction 27 of the M1 Motorway and the Hucknall bypass in recent years and the Council has been working with Nottinghamshire Police and Partners to tackle car cruising.

Drivers can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice or taken directly to court if they take part in any of the car cruising activities detailed in the Order.

Last year, the Police increased the operation presence with regular, increased patrols down the stretch and organised key dates over weekends and evenings to target the spot and stop any vehicles, which were of concern.  It was reported to Full Council that over the last two weeks Car Cursing and associated issues have resurfaced at this location, with 30 high specification vehicles parked at the junction and racing audible. The Police have subsequently scheduled targeted activity on specific dates when ‘meets’ are indicated to be taking place over the next few months. 

Councilor Christian Chapman, Portfolio Holder for Crime Prevention and Community Safety said “Car Cruising in these areas has been a significant problem for a number of years. A problem that could have serious health and safety consequences for Ashfield residents. There are still vehicles attending the location from both inside and outside the district with the intention of car cruising so this PSPO will be important in deterring this kind of behaviour”.

The Police are keen to make use of the powers once in place. Police Sergeant Carl Holland said: "We really feel that we've made a positive impact securing the Public Spaces Protection Order. Car cruising has been causing problems for people who live in the area and there is a genuine risk that they could put lives in danger including their own. The Public Spaces Protection Order is evidence that this type of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated in Nottinghamshire."