Ashfield Forges Links with Ohio, USA

Tuesday 22 January 2019 Ashfield Forges Links with Ohio, USA


A Friendship Resolution between Hucknall and Wadsworth, Ohio was approved at Cabinet.

The formal friendship resolution between the two towns was proposed by a resident of Wadsworth, a town in north Ohio. The agreement aims to establish a collaborative relationship between the two towns enabling them to work cooperatively towards shared development objectives

Wadsworth features numerous commonalities with Hucknall including coal mining, manufacturing and aviation, as well as a desire to retain and preserve local history and strengthen economic development.

Representatives from Wadsworth have previously visited Hucknall to forge relationships and build on common ground, and the friendship resolution will strengthen and build on the current relationship.

Cllr John Wilmott, Councillor for Hucknall North says “The friendship resolution provides Hucknall with a great opportunity to forge a relationship with a town of similar heritage in another part of the world. Collaborative working like this will bring real benefits to the town and we hope to welcome representatives from Wadsworth soon.”

Jonathan Bhushan, moved from Wadsworth, Ohio to Hucknall in 2015. Since moving here, he has become an active member of the Friends of Titchfield Park. Jonathan was congratulated on leading the project by Council Leader Jason Zadrozny. Jonathan told a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet – “I am delighted that this Council has agreed to a ‘friendship resolution’ between Hucknall and Wadsworth, Ohio.  I hope that our towns can share best practice to improve resident’s lives both here and in the USA.  They have so much in common and I hope this will bring real benefits.”