Black Lives Matter - Ashfield

Wednesday 10 June 2020 Black Lives Matter - Ashfield


Ashfield District Council is pained by the tragic racial injustices and consequent backlash across the world in recent weeks. Our hearts are with the victims' families and all who feel hopeless in the face of pervasive racial discrimination and outright cruelty. We all must shine a spotlight on the immorality of racial discrimination. But violence, whether spontaneous or consciously incited, is not a solution.

In this fight for equality, we all see that silence can be as deadly as violence. People of power, privilege, and moral conscience must stand up and say "no more" to a racially discriminatory police and justice system, and immoral economic disparities. We are better than this, we are responsible for creating a world of peace and equality for ourselves and future generations.

We all know that saying black lives matter, does not mean taking away from all lives mattering, of course all lives matter, but saying that in response to black lives matter is like asking the Fire Brigade to put their hoses on every house in the neighbourhood when just one is burning down. Your house isn’t on fire. Right now we need to stand in solidarity and show support for black lives – for black lives are in danger.

As a show of solidarity to Black Lives Matter, the Ada Lovelace building on Urban Road has been lit purple.