Council Exhibits Crushed Car in Warning to Fly Tippers

Monday 10 June 2019 Council Exhibits Crushed Car in Warning to Fly Tippers


Ashfield District Council has taken the unusual step of exhibiting a crushed car in a warning to fly-tippers. The freshly crushed car exhibition is this week taking pride of place in front of the Council’s main offices in Kirkby.

Any vehicle the authority finds to have been used to fly tip in the district can now be crushed, thanks to new legislation.

The new powers mean vans and other vehicles that have been used by unlicensed waste carriers can be taken by the Council and destroyed, in partnership with MotorGreen Group Ltd.

A crushed vehicle is on display this week at the Council offices on Urban Road in Kirkby, demonstrating what the Council will do with these new powers.

Councillor Jason Zadrozny, Leader of the Council, said: “We have said it time and time again and our message is still clear, fly tipping is not acceptable in Ashfield.

“These powers to seize, retain and destroy vehicles involved in fly tipping is a huge step forward for the authority in deterring and punishing those who ruin our beautiful landscapes.

Ashfield District Council’s work combatting environmental crime has led to a reduction in fly tip requests each quarter since September 2018. 

The Council is continuing to use covert cameras at known hotspot areas to tackle serial offenders. The environment enforcement team also investigate fly-tips reported by residents to gather enough evidence to take enforcement action.

Cllr Zadrozny continued: “This is just a part of the work we are carrying out to fight fly tipping in the district, as we are working to build on our number of successful prosecutions.”


Seizing Vehicles for suspected waste crime: