Council seeks parents’ support to tackle underage drinking

Wednesday 1 August 2018 Council seeks parents’ support to tackle underage drinking


Ashfield District Council is asking parents’ for their support in tackling anti-social behaviour caused by underage drinking.

The Council’s Community Protection Team confiscate litres of alcohol each month from underage drinkers on Ashfield’s parks and open spaces and recently seized over 60 bottles in one night.

Youngsters can leave themselves vulnerable and at risk of injury when inebriated, not to mention the physical and mental health implications.

Although this is an all-year-round problem for authorities up and down the country, peaking on Friday and Saturday nights, underage drinking particular increases during the school summer holidays.

The Community Protection Team is working with colleagues at Nottinghamshire Police to tackle the root of the problem by increasing test purchases at local off-licenses and alcohol traders.

The team is also keen for parents to help by being extra vigilant of where their children are when spending time with friends this summer.

Councillor Helen-Ann Smith, Deputy Leader of the Council said: “We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour from drunken teenagers on any of our parks and open spaces.

“The school holidays are a great time for children to spend time with their friends in the sunshine but parents can play a big part in spreading the word and helping to reduce the danger of underage alcohol consumption.

“Every effort must be made to keep your children as safe as possible this summer and our Community Protection Officers are doing an excellent job to do so.”