Ever thought of buying food on Facebook?

Friday 28 February 2020 Ever thought of buying food on Facebook?


There are now a number of sellers on Facebook Marketplace and other selling groups selling food, cakes, ethnic food and even full roast dinners.

It's important to remember you should only buy food from legally compliant food businesses.

If you contact a seller to purchase food, you should

  • ASK which local authority they are registered with
  • INSIST on proof of their Food Hygiene Rating Score - they should happily show you or direct you to https://ratings.food.gov.uk/
  • REFUSE to buy from these sellers who are not legally compliant.

Unregistered food businesses have not been checked or inspected to verify the premises they use are clean or that they have policies and procedures in place to ensure the food they produce is safe to eat.

Help us stop unauthorised and unregistered food sellers operating.

If you have any queries about food hygiene in Ashfield, contact our team on Food@ashfield.gov.uk