External Wall Insulation Fire Concerns - Green Deal Communities Grant Scheme

Monday 19 June 2017 External Wall Insulation Fire Concerns  - Green Deal Communities Grant Scheme


SPS Environwall, the suppliers of External Wall Insulation used on the Green Deal Communities Grant Scheme have provided us with the following information following the Grenfell tower fire. If you are one of the 250 households in Ashfield who received funding via the scheme please read the following information, if you have any further questions please contact us on 01623 457370.

SPS Envirowall external wall insulation systems are fundamentally different from the ACM cassette rain screen cladding system which appears to have been used on Grenfell tower. Where required, the SPS Envirowall systems have undergone full scale fire tests. SPS Envirowall as well as organisations such as BRE and Warrington Fire Research are familiar with how EWI system generally perform in relation to fire and as such do not present a threat to the occupants within buildings clad with our EWI systems.

Over the many years these systems have been used, there have been incidences of fires in individual flats where SPSE and other similar external wall insulation system have been applied. It is our understanding that in each case fire damage to the cladding has been limited to the localised area of the fire, which is reflective of what occurs when we carry out a full scale test of our system. In summary, in both tests and actual fires, from our experience the fire does not spread across the building and damage is localised to the immediate source of the fire.