Flag raised for Merchant Navy Day

Monday 4 September 2017 Flag raised for Merchant Navy Day


Ashfield District Council celebrated Merchant Navy Day by raising the Merchant Navy flag and providing a service at the Kirkby Council Offices on the 1st September.

Merchant Navy day is where people remember and commemorate the service that the men and women of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets have done over the years, both during conflict and peace.

Leader of Ashfield District Council Councillor Cheryl Butler, Chairman of Ashfield District Council Councillor Lachlan Morrison, Minister of St Thomas’ Church Chris Manning and Mansfield and Ashfield Branch, Merchant Navy Association Charles Hill all attended the service; along with seafarers from around Ashfield.

The service provided a clear insight to what life was like for the Merchants and what they had entailed; along with prayers, a hymn and a bible reading from Chris Manning, Minster of St Thomas Church.  

Raising the flag provides awareness and support for the Merchant Navy Association. The Merchant Navy Association was launched in 1989 and is a registered charity. The MNA focuses on supporting and raising awareness of their heritage.

Ashfield District Councils Chairman, Lachlan Morrison said: “This was a special opportunity to celebrate the courage and commitment of the unsung personnel of our Merchant Navy.

“This event will hopefully raise awareness of the role played by all Seafarers and allow us to appreciate the huge contribution they make to improve our way of life.”