Gender Pay Gap

Thursday 5 April 2018 Gender Pay Gap


UK companies had to submit their gender pay figures by midnight on Wednesday 4th April. 

Just over 10,000 companies did so ahead of the deadline, with more than 1,000 firms reporting on the last day.

The median pay gap among all companies that have reported is 9.7%.

Ashfield District Council is proud to have a gender pay gap of only 1.65%. The reason for the minor difference is due mainly to the Council having slightly more men employed in higher paid jobs. Despite this of the 24 highest paid postholders, 46% are male and 54% females, which shows that the Council is committed to employing females into senior positions. There is still some work to do to reduce the pay gap to 0% and the Council are actively taking steps to address this including attracting applicants to historically gender specific roles.