Outline Business Case withdrawn

Tuesday 11 December 2018 Outline Business Case withdrawn


Ashfield District Council is supporting the decision to withdraw the Outline Business Case from Thursday’s County Council meeting.

Ashfield District Council has been concerned about the proposal for a single Unitary Council since Nottinghamshire County Council announced their plans. The Council believes a single unitary council would not offer the quality, localised services that the residents of Ashfield currently receive. A view strongly supported by the consultation carried out by the County Council which rejected a single Unitary Council. The recently published business case was not in our view detailed enough and did not take into account a number of key factors overestimating the benefits of a single unitary and underestimating the set up costs.

It is encouraging to see that our collective focus will now be about how all the Nottinghamshire councils and partner agencies can work together to further improve the delivery of local services. Ashfield District Council already works in partnership and shares services with a number of authorities including Nottinghamshire Police, Mansfield District Council, the Department for Work and Pensions and Broxtowe Borough Council to ensure it provides value for money services for residents.

Robert Mitchell, Chief Executive of Ashfield District Council said: “We welcome the opportunity to explore options to improve services and save money through greater collaboration and joint working. We have an excellent track record in this regards and look forward to working with the County Council and the District and Borough Councils.”