Place Enhancement a key priority for Ashfield District Council

Monday 2 July 2018 Place Enhancement a key priority for Ashfield District Council


At Cabinet on Monday 9th July recommendations will be made to further develop the Ashfield Place Leadership agenda.

Ashfield Districts Council’s new administration is prioritising the economy and community pride & aspiration as key areas for development. The Council’s Corporate Plan includes a commitment to enhance the identity of Ashfield and raise its profile as a place to live, visit and work.

The Council has been working on a Place Enhancement Programme, part of which was to create the ‘Ashfield Story’ identifying what makes the area distinctive and allowing the Council to build community pride and encourage inward investment. As part of this, a shadow Place Board has been established bringing together key stakeholders and partners from across Ashfield. They are working to deliver a number of objectives including establishing an Ashfield brand, developing new visions for each of the three main town centres, creating pride and aspiration in the community and supporting tourism and the visitor economy.

Sutton town centre has been identified as a priority, with a recommendation being put to Cabinet to agree the allocation of £34,000 for improvements to Sutton town centre. A Town Team is currently being established which will work closely with local businesses and organisations. A number of early interventions have been identified which will support the regeneration of the town centre, with the upgrade of street furniture being the first of these. The money will come from Section 106 funding which is specifically designated for Public realm works in Sutton town centre. If agreed litter bins and seats would be replaced or refurbished along with other minor works to improve the appearance of the town centre.

Cllr Jason Zadrozny, Leader of Ashfield District Council says “Our priority is to build community pride and aspiration across Ashfield and the Place Leadership agenda is focussed on doing this. The initial works around Sutton town centre would make a real difference to the way the town looks and provide a more positive experience for people visiting Sutton. We want residents to be proud of where they live and see our town centres as a safe place to shop and visit. Increasing inward investment into the district is also key, the creation of skilled jobs can only help in inspiring young people in their career choices.”

Martin Rigley MBE, Managing Director of Lindhurst Engineering and the Chairman of the Place Board says “As an Ashfield business owner and resident I feel the district has so much to offer in terms of a place to live, be educated, do business, visit and invest in. If we are to truly realise our potential this will need the whole community to get behind the Place Marketing initiative. The voice of individuals can often go unheard and so it’s time to hear the collective voice of the Ashfield community and make a real difference to the place we are proud to live in and call home.”